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Future Dentists visit EPED Inc. Headquarters

This week, EPED Inc. headquarters was honored with the visit of a future generation of dentists that currently course their last year at the School of Dentistry at the National Yang-Ming University.

After the mandatory temperature screening was performed to each one of the visitors, the local Sales Team introduced them to EPED's story and evolution, its inventions, and what the future might hold regarding the new devices that the company is working on at the moment.

The introduction of the company and its culture was presented by Adam Wang, one of the most experienced salesmen of EPED, assisted at all times by Patrick Pan, Sales Manager.

The students, accompanied by Dr. Chang, Prof. Chang, Prof. Hsu, and Prof. Wang of the dentistry department, took the Dental Navigation Systems developed by EPED and experimented in first hand IRIS and SimEx software, two of the first software developed by the company.

SimEx, the training system that already has been used by many universities around the world, was presented by FAE Max Guo, whom highlighted not only the many available courses already uploaded to the system, but also the many evaluation tools offered for teachers to save time when planning and grading their students' tasks.

On the other side of the room, FAE team leader Casey Li delivered a full presentation of IRIS, the dental implantation system that the company is most famous for.

Students and teachers were both allowed to interact with IRIS and SimEx, a whole new experience by some of them who describe the software as "very realistic" and "accurate"

After the visit finished, the students continued on sharing their experience with the system, offering very positive feedback, and highlighting how positive the whole experience is when learning the doctor-patient interaction in such a safe way.

For more information, visit the dentistry section of the official website of EPED Inc.

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