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Parietal and Occipital Lobe Surgery: easy registration with RETINA

Probe tracing, a third way to register the patient’s face prior to surgery.

Parietal and occipital lobe surgical procedures have been always a big challenge for both doctors and navigation system developers. Without facial appearance or prominent areas to link the patient’s features with the imaging-powered software, fusing reality and computer-guided surgical aids puts a major question mark on the accuracy of the technology to be used, a huge disadvantage for the navigation systems that make doctors trusting more their empirical knowledge instead of any medical device.

The development of RETINA (Real-Time Stereotactic Surgery Navigation System) in the operation room allowed EPED Inc’s developers to think about everything that doctors may be ended up questioning during every cranium-related surgery. Right at the beginning of its creation, the RETINA already included a Ligister, a laser scan that links the surface of the patient’s head directly with the CT and/or MRI scan that the RETINA system needs to start working.

RETINA’s Ligister – a white laser in the shape of a small gun which works with a rechargeable battery-, expanded its work to not only those areas in which the facial features ease the registration of the patient’s face, but also spots as far as behind the ear allowing operators to register patients from only one side of their face.

Doctors’ concerns on parietal and occipital lobe registration dissipated once they started performing surgeries in such areas with the aid of RETINA.

The scanning process without a Ligister -in which the probe traces the area after the reference points have been established- added one more patient registration way for the doctors to select their better option depending on the kind of surgery they will perform. The reference points still include the inner and outer eye and the ear tragus.

All procedures that involve area tracing on the back of the head became very common in Taiwan, establishing an immediate and safe solution for doctors to operate more effectively the parietal and occipital lobe’s cases. Such medical dealings, which in majority include tumor biopsies, registered a considerable drop of 40% in time spent in the OR.

Parietal and occipital registration has been praised by doctors and technicians from different countries in which RETINA has been introduced.

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