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2020 was not a bad year after all...

EPED Inc. receives the Innovative Research Award at the Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award Ceremony

Photo Credit: Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs

“It has been a very challenging year. But thanks to the hard work of our team, work ethics, and constant thirst for technological evolution of each one of us, is that we end with a flourish this year of 2020”, said DDS Douglas Huang, CEO of EPED Inc., while interviewed after receiving the Innovative Research Award during the Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award Ceremony on November 17.

The award was granted due to the company’s “RETINA: Stereotactic Surgery Navigation System” that during 2020 made its arrival into the markets of Turkey, Greece, India, and Malaysia.

Surrounded and congratulated by the other 34 Taiwanese companies that received the same award, Dr. Huang also added that this sort of recognition inspires every member of his crew to strive to secure the growth of the company he directs.

“We are very excited. It is a great opportunity to look back and celebrate EPED’s many accomplishments, but also an excellent moment of reflection regarding the international landscape we are planning to work in during the following months not only with our medical devices but also with our dental ones”.

After thanking the Ministry of Economic Affairs for this award at the International Conference Center of NTU Hospital Dr. Huang took the opportunity to congratulate his peers, especially those who are putting heart and soul to move forward with their start-up companies.

This year, the Lausanne School of Management in Switzerland announced that Taiwan ranked third in the world’s competitive Asia-Pacific countries.

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