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Dental Pre-Surgical calibration, a huge time saver tip from Brazil

DSP Biomedical, the distributor partner of EPED Inc., in Brazil continues to innovate and surprise their clients, patients, and partners.

During our last visit to Campo Largo, Curitiba, DSP managed to surprise our representatives by introducing a huge game-changer tip applicable in all sorts of dental implant surgery: pre-surgical calibration.

Always striving to seize their technology and time availability, and in order to fit more appointments within the same day, the DSP team has started to create dental models from the patients prior to their surgeries, for them to not only create a better surgical paths, but also to run the calibration of the handpiece and the IRIS software outside of the patient’s mouth.

Dr. Rubem Lima Santos, one of the implantologist working at the DSP clinic in Brazil, mentioned that pre-surgical calibration has changed forevermore the interaction with their patients since these last ones do not need to wait for the calibration of the system once they sit on the dental chair.

“One of the major issues during surgery is trying to get the whole procedure done before the blood pressure of the patient raises to a sensible number”, Dr. Rubem said.

“We have noticed that when we run the calibration of the system directly on the patient’s teeth, the whole process creates a bit of anxiety on the patient, making it a bit delicate for us to start their surgeries with higher readings of blood pressure”. Now instead, he added, “we create dental models from their DICOM files, or directly from their denture with special materials that create molds for us to recreate their teeth.”

The result, he added, has shorten the surgery time considerably, since the surgery starts practically once the patient has been sat onto the dental chair.

“Moments prior to the surgery, we run the normal calibration onto the patient’s dental mold, and once the patient is sat onto the dental chair, we place the marker making sure it did not move. We run a simple accuracy test, and then we start the surgery”.

If the patient’s marker moves affecting calibration, the marker is placed once more onto the patient’s teeth mold to run calibration again, now outside of the patient’s mouth.

“Sometimes the marker moves due to its position, but we just take it out of the patient’s mouth and run calibration independently. Calibration has always caused a bit of discomfort due to the different feature points we need to touch, but now we have solved that problem,” Dr. Rubem added.

During the visit of EPED Inc., to DSP Biomedical in Brazil, Dr. Rubem altogether with technician Dibson Rodrigues assisted over 5 different surgeries with great results, most of them by using this brilliant idea of pre-surgical calibration.

For more information about the DSP Biomedical in Brazil and EPED Inc., click on the following links.

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