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IRIS and RETINA: back into the exhibition stage

With only 543 confirmed cases of COVID 19, Taiwan has returned little by little to its old self when it comes to international events, conventions and fairs.

Despise the precise and extreme safety guidelines established by the organizers at the Taipei World Trade Center, more than two thousand people assisted to the 2020 National Dental Equipment Exhibition organized by the Chinese Dental Association of Taiwan.

Among the sea of face masks, the creations and technological developments of local companies participated in one of the first big events that welcomed with open arms those visitors from abroad able to do the 14-day mandatory quarantine prior to the event.

Of course, EPED Inc. could not miss this opportunity as a first stage in order to share with interested dental doctors and those distributors of dental equipment, the upgrades of its software, and the much-improved features of the system in general.

October 17 and 18 were more than enough for IRIS to attract many eyes and questions with them related to the applications of IRIS which include implant dentistry highlighting the complicated zygomatic implant surgery, and endodontics focused on open orifice and apicoectomy.

The IRIS system -famous for its internationally recognized optical space location technology and self-developed camera- featured as one of the product highlights of the event altogether with RETINA, which in this occasion demonstrated its important role during oral and maxillofacial surgeries, two applications included in its software.

The RETINA, famous for its neuronavigation properties, had an important participation in this event due to the clinical cases focused on oral and maxillofacial surgeries conveyed during the past year that conform a new chapter in the book of cases for RETINA.

The Implant Real-time Imaging System (IRIS) and the Real-Time Navigation (RETINA), will also participate in more local exhibitions and many more online events that those interested can consult on our website.

For more information, consult the upcoming events of our products in

If you would like more about IRIS and RETINA, click on the following YouTube links to get a short glimpse of their characteristics:



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