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5 facts about The RETINA’s reflective markers

Accuracy and visibility are two of the most important factors when assisting surgery with an image-guided navigation system.

One of RETINA’s characteristic features has been the cylindrical reflective attachments that the tracking unit utilizes to navigation-guided surgery as accurate as possible and here are some of its most interesting facts:

1. They work with passive light.

Once in place, the reflective attachments work as a guide for the tracking unit to understand exactly where is the patient and where is the instrument. Just like Google Maps for the head, the tracking unit follows these markers to allow doctors to visualize in real-time the exact positioning of their instruments inside of the human body.

2. Each kind reflect a different color

Are all reflective attachment markers coded with the same color? No. Each one of them has been assigned different colors to facilitate its registration. That is why the Instrument Register Set, the Positioner Arm Set, and the Reflective Attachment, glow in different colors on the screen of the respective navigation system unless one of their reflective dots has been blocked.

3. Their accuracy does not fade with time.

Unless their expiring date says so, EPED’s consumables can be stored for a long time without losing its accuracy. One of the constant questions we have faced during exhibitions is if the consumables will continue to work after months of purchasing them. The answer is yes! It is true that they are to be used only one time, however during exhibitions and non-clinical demonstrations, we have witnessed the extended life that these items can get.

4. They work with every other instrument available in the OR

The idea of providing doctors with an accessible Navigation System was one of the main goals when RETINA was under development. The reflective markers in combination with two universal adapters can be mounted into any instrumentation that the doctor might use, allowing them to make the best of all of the items they already have in their OR. EPED has started producing its own instrumentation, that’s true, however that information is worthy of another post.

5. They are always visible

During surgery, the reflective attachments are always on sight, allowing doctors to freely turn their instruments without losing sight of them. Designed as cylinders -in a shape that personally I relate a lot with Star Wars, I do not know why- the reflective dots work from every angle or position the doctor might be placing his instrument during surgery.

If you want to know more about The RETINA, its accessories and system, go to

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