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RETINA or RETINA DUO? Which model is better for my business?

RETINA and RETINA DUO, the stars of EPED Inc.’s Medical Navigation Solutions are indeed equally competitive when it comes to software and applications, however thanks to the valuable input of its users; the hardware had to be adapted to fulfill the needs of the end-user at the Operation Room (OR).


RETINA was the first model developed for navigation. The unit is 1.80cm tall and it is designed for those projects that require it to move only from one Operation Room to the other, inside the same hospital.

Its base contains all equipment and connections, leaving only HDMI and USB ports on sight. RETINA is elegant, tall, and resistant, following the trends of new medical equipment while mixing it with design elements that evoke traditional Operation Rooms

The camera is connected to the CPU and 27-inch touch monitor through a multi-articulated arm that easies its placement.


RETINA DUO was made to move around. One of the primary needs of some of our official distributors is mobility, and in order to achieve such a task, two things are essential: lightweight, and system reliability.

Inspired and developed with the aid of our partners in Greece, RETINA DUO has a light and convenient design that allows users not only to transport it among the operation rooms on the same hospitals but all over town!

Divided in two, the single pole holds the camera that connects through external wiring to the CPU and 27-inch monitor that are hold in a second unit. Its shape is convenient for smaller operation rooms, and also for training on-the-go and exhibitions.

RETINA DUO is making its way to the market since this year, and it has already found good responses in several countries!

Whichever are the needs you need to cover, RETINA offers it all.

If you want to know more about RETINA and its details, kindly email us at or visit the Medical Division of our official website.

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