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Shanghai Dental Competition chooses SimEx as favorite simulator software

SimEx was the augmented –reality dental simulator chosen to start with what seems to be a future annual tradition in the world of dental learning and training: The First Shanghai Dental Resident-Skill Competition of 2020 that took place by the end of last November.

The event, hosted by the Shanghai Post-Graduation Medical Education Committee, undertaken by the Ninth People's Hospital Affiliated to the School of Medicine of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, was co-organized by Shanghai Hengpan Technology & Hengzhan Medical and received over 100 dental students in order to assess and put their knowledge to the test.

The purpose of the activity was to evaluate the implementation of technology on the participant’s training in

order to provide them with new ideas, new work methods, and also to improve the quality of the student’s training management.

Under the theme of "One Conference and Two Competitions," the event conveyed for the participants to focus on preparation quality Improvement, connect learning standards, implement norms, skill improvement, self-learning experimentation, and time control during preparation. On the other hand, the conference per se included a two-day forum in which all participants did not only benefit from outstanding lectures and close workshops but also to understand some updates about Shanghai’s latest policies and requirements for residential training.

The competition involved most of the courses SimEx has on dental model Nissin, one of the other product highlights of the competition.

SimEx is the most adaptive Augmented Reality Simulator currently in today’s marketplace, enabling any dental school to select what typodont to use, and to customize the technology to their school’s specific curriculum. SimEx training includes preparations in Operative, Prosthodontics, Endodontics, and Pediatric Dentistry.

To get more information about SimEx and its learning courses, visit

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