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The Most Flexible Augmented-Reality Simulator in Dental Clinical Training Education.

SimEx is the most adaptive Augmented-Reality Simulator currently in today’s marketplace, enabling any dental school to select what  typodont to use,and to customize the technology to their school’s
specific curriculum. 

Choosing SimEx

1. 3D real time visualization enables more effective and objective learning experiences.

2. SimEx Augmented Reality maintains the instructor method of teaching and enhances the teaching experience by providing real time feedback with customized evaluation of students’ work.

3. Develops self-assessment skills early in training, resulting in more effective and independent students entering the clinical years.

4. Best technology for testing examination and instructor calibrations.

5. Real multi-disciplinary modules enable its use throughout the entire dental curriculum, from D1 to D4 as well as OSCE.

6. Reduces the instructor's workload, allowing dental educators to more effectively distribute the instruction time during preclinical simulation clinics.

7. Customizable solutions from typodont selection to dental  procedures with the smallest footprint available in the market.


The Most Versatile Augmented-Reality System

Typodont Selection
Model selection: You have the last word regarding the kind of typodont you would like the students use.

Procedures Customization
Content and applications: Instructors can freely decide on the content, measurements and design on each procedure to match their curriculum in every discipline to cover their particular study plan.

Clear ROI with Extensive Content Design
Price-performance value: Easy addition of different models for dental assistants or dental hygienists, and even dental therapists, depending on the needs of every institution.

SimEx is the only Augmented-Reality System suitable for the 4 years of the dental curriculum including examination and root canal procedures.

Applicable tooth model
Adaptability: The simulation technology of SimEx's is compatible with most major typodont manufacturers. 


Range: The system includes useful training in Operative Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Endodontics and Pediatric Dentistry.

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